The ATRF is the principal transport research conference in Australia and New Zealand. It brought together transport researchers, policymakers, advisors and practitioners from a range of disciplines to share and build upon the latest research and thinking. The conference is held in a different location each year.

Following the postponement of the 2020 ATRF, the 42nd Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF) was held in Brisbane, Queensland from Wednesday 8 December to Friday 10 December 2021. The venue was Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Date: 8 - 10 December 2021

Location: Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus

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The Local Organising Committee was keen to hold a face-to-face event, however, to accommodate the possible impacts of further disruptions and limitations on movement and interstate travel, the Forum was held online as well.  

The ATRF is underpinned by a three-level organisation – these are the:

  • Executive Committee comprises representatives of academia, federal and state governments and private consultancies across Australia and New Zealand and it co-ordinates the forward program for the forum
  • Scientific Committee oversees the peer review of forum papers submitted for the annual conference
  • Local Organising Committee has primary responsibility for running the forum in the host city

As further milestone for 2021, ATRF featured the awarding of the inaugural David Hensher prize for the best Transport Modelling paper, in addition to the long standing John Taplin and David Willis awards. For further information, please consult the ATRF website.

ATRF 2021 aimed to cover a broad range of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Climate impacts of personal transport or freight
  • Traffic modelling, forecasting & simulation
  • Transport analysis and big data
  • Social, economic, and environmental effects of transport
  • Active transport
  • Public transport
  • Scenario planning and analysis and crisis management
  • Transport and land use / urban design
  • Movement and Place
  • Transport economics, funding, pricing and appraisal
  • Aviation / Maritime transport and business continuity management
  • New vehicle technologies and innovative services (ITS connected and autonomous vehicles, MaaS, on-demand transport, e-scooters, e-bicycles, etc.)
  • Planning and policy development for ‘smart cities’
  • Travel behaviour change and demand management
  • Traffic engineering, control and management
  • Freight and logistics, e-commerce, online retailing and supply chain resilience
  • Transport safety and security
  • Transport history
  • COVID-19 implications to transport and societal responses to the pandemic

Brendan O’Keeffe
Local Organising Committee Chair, ATRF 2021 – Brisbane

Doina Olaru & Brett Smith
Co-Chairs ATRF Scientific Committee

About ATRF

The Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF) was originally established in 1975 as the Australian Transport Research Forum. In 1988 the Forum was expanded to include New Zealand and the South Pacific and rebadged accordingly. The ATRF was incorporated as a registered association in June 2017.

Hosting arrangements of the Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF) have historically been shared by transport-related government agencies and transport-focussed academic departments, on broadly rotating geographic basis. The table below in lists all previous conference locations and host organisations.

The Australasian Transport Research Forum Incorporated aims to bring together transport researchers, policy makers, advisors and practitioners from a range of disciplines to share and build upon the latest research and thinking by:

  • Providing an impartial and effective forum for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and information relating to all aspects of transport and its relationship with social, economic, environmental and other issues–principally through the annual ATRF Conference;
  • Promoting collaboration on transport research, education and technology transfer at international, national, regional, state and local levels; across public and private sectors; and with transport providers, customers and other stakeholders;
  • Fostering research programs and the identification of emerging transport challenges and the conduct of research and policy analysis to help meet those challenges;
  • Fostering the development of policy analysis and objective data and research to inform decisions on investments, practices and policies;
  • Enhancing the awareness of the importance of transport research and its contribution to innovation and progress in all aspects of transport;
  • Providing a forum for the professional development of individuals currently working in transport and for the education of those who will work in the field in the future;
  • Contributing to the public's understanding of all aspects of transport and its significance to society.

More broadly, ATRF Incorporated conducts its affairs in an open and transparent manner on behalf of its members without adopting the role of public advocate, lobbyist or activist.



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